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Wir liefern unsere Terrassendielen für Ihre Holzterrasse nach Deutschland und nach Österreich.

Unser Stammsitz: Holzhandel Frey-Amon

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Achieving an elegant, exclusive eye-catcher made from wood floorboards is easy and convenient with pure wood products.
pure wood
makes it really simple for you. With just a few screws or a commercially available laying system, nothing will stand in the way of your redesigned patio or garden.

One option for laying the floorboards is to screw them in place from underneath. This hides the screws. Nirosta screws should be used on all types of wood.
pure wood
floorboards can be easily shortened or cut using any saw. For a visually stylish appearance and maximum safety, we recommend leaving a gap of between 6 mm and a maximum of 12 mm between the floorboards, and no more than 70 cm between screws.

Another tip: Never cut iron in the immediate vicinity of or on the oak floorboards. This can cause so-called "bluing" due to metal corrosion, a reaction of the wood to coming into contact with iron. This could result in unattractive dark spots on the floorboards.


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