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Am Bahnhof
2041 Hetzmannsdorf
Österreich / Austria

tel.:   +43 2951 83 71
fax:   +43 2951 83 71 - 19


Wir liefern unsere Terrassendielen für Ihre Holzterrasse nach Deutschland und nach Österreich.

Unser Stammsitz: Holzhandel Frey-Amon

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A history of wood.
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It all began with staves made out of oak. Three generations later, Frey-Amon is an international large wood wholesaler and processing company with its main headquarters in the Weinviertel in Austria. With 70,000 m² of storage space, a modern sawmill, energy-saving drying systems and branch offices in Poland, the Czech Republic and Lithuania. However, it is the love of wood that connects generations over the years.

Our employees prove their competence again and again. They are known for their specialist expertise. The have the skill to identify the special quality of a trunk of wood and to accentuate its natural talent. On the production line, they take over 30 types of wood from their original form to perfection.

However, most importantly, you, the customer, are included in all considerations from the outset. Your wishes and requirements form the starting point for all subsequent steps.

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