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Terrassendielen, Riffeldielen, Gartendielen, Holzterrasse

Am Bahnhof
2041 Hetzmannsdorf
Österreich / Austria

tel.:   +43 2951 83 71
fax:   +43 2951 83 71 - 19


Wir liefern unsere Terrassendielen für Ihre Holzterrasse nach Deutschland und nach Österreich.

Unser Stammsitz: Holzhandel Frey-Amon

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Wood is life.
Aware, top-quality, cultivated.



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We go into the forest with awareness. We manage well functioning ecosystems sustainably and treat them with care. We look for our woods with conscientiousness and expertise.

Only mature trunks from European forests are chosen in a way that protects the environment. We are therefore taking an important step for optimum quality. And at the same time create the precondition for a top-quality end product:
pure wood
floorboards that meet high requirements - yours and ours.

In all of this, Frey-Amon sees itself as a responsible manager of its
pure wood
creations. From selecting the wood, felling and storing it, to manufacturing the perfect floorboards. We give nature time. Because the innovative pure wood creations are matured for life.


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