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Am Bahnhof
2041 Hetzmannsdorf
Österreich / Austria

tel.:   +43 2951 83 71
fax:   +43 2951 83 71 - 19


Wir liefern unsere Terrassendielen für Ihre Holzterrasse nach Deutschland und nach Österreich.

Unser Stammsitz: Holzhandel Frey-Amon

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pure wood.
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ripple floorboards, smooth floorboards and garden sleepers afford the luxury of requiring very little care. The slow growth of the oak trees, the storage in perfect conditions and the careful end-production by the employees of Frey-Amon reduce the cost of care to a minimum.

The natural greying of the products gives the untreated wood an unmistakable charm. Those who are not so keen on the greying effect can treat the
pure wood
floorboards with a UV-resistant oil varnish to retain the original colour of the wood. If you intend to apply a varnish, we recommend you do this annually in order to retain an even result.


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