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Am Bahnhof
2041 Hetzmannsdorf
Österreich / Austria

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Wir liefern unsere Terrassendielen für Ihre Holzterrasse nach Deutschland und nach Österreich.

Unser Stammsitz: Holzhandel Frey-Amon

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Ecologically aware
pure wood.
Natural aesthetics for well-being.
Environmentally aware, authentic, perfect.

Ecologically aware


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pure wood
floorboards are made exclusively from mature trunks taken from European forests. They are part of our climate, our grown living space.

This guarantees a valuable contribution to a positive eco-balance. Long transits, as is the case for the import of tropical wood, or the immense consumption of energy, such as in the thermal treatment of wood, are unimaginable for the
pure wood
philosophy, and not even required in the case of oak.

The modern look of
pure wood
floorboards harmonises unmistakably with the clear style of nature. The authentic design creates an incomparable awareness of life.

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